knelly who?

hi! i'm jodie knell

I'm a mum, wife, photographer, designer, illustrator, violinist, music lover, etc etc.
As a family, we LOVE to travel & quite simply my family (both near & far), friends and my faith is my everything. 

Born & raised in Melbourne, I moved to the UK with my mum, dad & little sister when i finished high school. I loved it there until i met and married a handsome young Warrnambool boy 13 years ago. He and i moved back to his beautiful home town & it's proudly now mine too. We have 3 BEAUTIFUL bambinos (biased, yes) and we love raising our little family in this wonderful part of the world. Talk about spoilt!

I've been a graphic designer for over 15 years (and don't I feel old saying that!) so i've had a lot of experience with photographers & the industry, but since having my first child 9 years ago I've had a camera permanently attached to me. Thus began my obsession with capturing all the beautiful, special, messy & often crazy moments of everyday life. Our kids grow up far too quickly, and you can never have too many photos (my motto, just ask my kids!)

I've been fortunate enough to turn this passion into a thriving little business, and i'm absolutely LOVING it! I now have the privelege of capturing these moments for lots of other gorgeous families & loved up couples. I'm first and foremost a stay-at-home mum (and I feel VERY fortunate to be one) so I take limited sessions per month to ensure I can give my gorgeous clients the best possible care + service whilst having time to be the best mum + wife I can be. I really appreciate that i'm very fortunate to be able to do this and that my wonderful clients understand.

I don't do posed, i like to keep it natural, candid and real. You know those shots where everyone's cracking up, mums are stealing kisses & kids are doing their best cheeky faces while jumping on their mum & dad? These are my favourite shots. This is what i aim to capture at every session. Real families. Real love. REAL memories. And most importantly... having FUN!

I love meeting gorgeous families, I adore leaving each session feeling like i've just made some awesome new friends (both big & little!). I'm ridiculously passionate & always endeavouring to capture all the little, special moments in our life.

I would love to capture yours.

Oh and just in case you're wondering... KNELLY is pronounced "nelly"... gotta love that silent K.


Photo credits: NJoy The Moment Photography, Bella Arte Photography, 3 Wishes Photography, Jessica Jane Photography + White Salt Photography. Thanks ladies, love your work! xx