grown ups

lovebirds + big kids

Let's face it, none of us mums ever feel "photo-ready", no dad's jump at the opportunity to get in front of the camera BUT I jump up on my soapbox regularly about the importance of EXISTING in photos, not for ourselves, but for our little ones to treasure in the future. So let's do it. I make the whole experience as painless as humanly possible, and dare I say it, even fun! You don't have to have kids to want to capture moments and memories. I no longer shoot weddings but i do adore capturing lovebirds, fur-babies and even a photo of your gorgeous self, just because.  I TOTALLY understand that not many of us grown-ups LOVE being in photos, but one of my strengths, i've come to realise, is that I have a knack for making people feel comfortable in front of my lens. I'd love to show you how fun a session can be!