There's no such thing as a
silly question. Ask away!

When is the best time to book our newborn session? 
Short answer: ASAP! As soon as you’ve discovered you’re pregnant is the perfect time to contact me and lock in your date. To give both my young family and my amazing clients the care and attention they deserve, I take a limited number of bookings per month so it’s important that you get in early to avoid missing out. The best time to have your BUMP session is between 34 + 38 weeks of pregnancy and to be honest, I love babies of all ages. The older they get, the more personality they develop so any age is beautiful and ideal to me. If you're interested in a more natural "lifestyle session" (my favourite), I love that 6 week to 3 month age for babies when their personalities start to shine through, gorgeous! These are my recommendations as a guide but I’m very happy to be flexible.

Are there different payment options available?
Absolutely! I understand that good photography is an investment, one that I want to make accessible to all. I'm VERY happy to offer payment plans to suit your needs. Just ask.

Why should I invest in a knelly session when there are cheaper options around?
Good question. I’m going to talk as a mum, not a photographer now. I personally believe that good photos of my family are priceless, an investment i’m more than happy to make and save up for, especially when I had my babies. But now, even more-so as my babes are growing so quickly, I want to freeze time. Beautiful images of my family make my heart swell with pride at how lucky I am to have them + you just can’t put a price on that.

And, short answer... like most things in life, you get what you pay for. My aim is to bring my clients the very best experience + product possible. I understand photography is a luxury investment and offer my clients nothing short of the best. It's my personal guarantee.

What do we wear?
Ahhh the age old question! Every mum asks this one. But don’t worry, when you book your session I’ll send you an information pack with lots of helpful hints & advice to help you get your crew looking fabulous.

Which days can we have our session? 
Any day midweek is great, or I work the occasional Saturday morning, Sundays are out though I’m afraid. For outdoor shoots, either sunrise or sunset are the most beautiful times to shoot, but if you’d like an in-home session, they’re available between 10 & 3.

If you have ANY other questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line via the CONTACTS tab, i’d love to hear from you!