MY LOVES - extended family session UK

Random facts about me (in case you didn’t know):

I moved from Melbourne to the UK with my Mum, Dad and little sister Hayley when I was 18 (the day after i finished my last VCE exam actually).
I loved living in the UK. Loved (almost) everything about the place. Well maybe not the tractors. I used to get stuck behind them on the way to work. Often. Hubby calls me the “tractor attractor”.

7 years later I met a Warrnambool boy (while he was traveling in the UK). Not long after we married and moved to his home town. My family stayed in the UK. My sister married a lovely Englishman.

Fast forward 14 years (age giveaway right there), we still live on the opposite side of the globe and travel is a part of our life. THANKFULLY, we do get to see them quite often as my folks are spritely young things who come over regularly and we’re very fortunate to get over there every few years. Saying that, it’s been 3 years since our last trip to the UK. 3 years since I’d seen my baby nephew, 3 years since i’d been able to sit on the couch and have a cuppa and proper natter with my sister. Basically I was hanging out to get over there.

We’ve just spent almost 2 WONDERFUL, precious, memorable months enjoying summer in the UK with these legends. I loved every minute spent with my gorgeous family and many friends. England will always hold a very special place in our hearts, and not just because most of my favourite people live there.

I took my big camera with me, mainly for these photos right here (i barely touched it otherwise!). We made time before we left to get some family photos (thankyou tripod + dad/hubby for the team effort in shooting), and I just couldn’t love these any more. Such precious memories. Now to pick a few (!) for the walls.

Which got me thinking, as I treasure these SO much. I get asked about extended family sessions often, sadly I turn quite a few down as i’d prefer to focus on smaller, more intimate family gigs. But I think I might change that from now on. These sessions, memories, moments are SO important and priceless. I’d love to help more families to capture them. Give me a hoy if this is something you’d like for your family.

Thanks for reading. Here are a few of my fave snaps. Missing these guys like crazy today…