RACH + HER GANG - in home mini session

I seem to find myself capturing some truly poignant, heartfelt and sometimes even painfully unexpected situations and life events these days. It’s such an incredible honour to do so. To capture a moment in time for families; a happy time, a trying time, a time that’s soon to change. I don’t take that lightly.

Rachel is a lovely school mum, a friend, who has a battle ahead of her. She asked me to capture their life as it is right now, before the battle becomes more fierce. So much i’d like to say, but as I often say, it’s not my story to tell, i’m sure Rach’s family and friends would love to see their gorgeous faces though!

She’s strong, she has a village behind her and I personally can’t wait to celebrate with another family shoot when she has overcome it all. We dodged the rain and (crazy) low light to capture this little family “as they are” at home last night. I’m so very glad you asked Rach. You’ve got this lady. x