PEARCE BUMP #2 - warrnambool maternity mini session

Casey discovered, when they arrived home after our bump session that we'd actually had our first session together 2 YEARS AGO TO THE DAY. Freaky co-incidence? Or cementing the fact that Casey + Jesse's 2 pregnancies were just meant to be. I love stories like theirs. Struggling to fall pregnant, IVF journeys and finally being blessed with healthy pregnancies and babes.

There's just so much I could say about this beautiful family (which just became 4, woo! Welcome baby Zuri!), I feel so privileged to have been asked to capture their amazing journey into parenthood 2 years ago, and now, to capture the arrival of baby #2. And did I mention they're just downright LOVELY people too? Of course they are. Look at them! 

Congratulations feels inadequate Case + Jesse. SO happy for you guys. Thanks for having me along for the ride again. (Stay tuned for Miss Zuri's session in the next few weeks! WOO!)