BARTON FAMILY - warrnambool lifestyle photography

This beautiful family right here has been with me, repeatedly, since the very beginning. Back in the days where i’m embarrassed to claim the photos that I took (and over-edited!). I’m so very grateful for that.

Last week, I had the pleasure of hanging out with them again at their INCREDIBLE property (yes, this “wood” is on their land, woo!). There’s been one major change since our last shoot, the addition of adorable little Mr Tommy. My #3 is only a few months older than Tommy and Courtney and I quickly realised we both have the same child. There’s a reason they both have the nickname “Dennis”… gotta love that cheeky #3! Not to mention a new puppy! Fiesty little “Onyx”, we did well to get him in a few!

ALWAYS love hanging out with this gorgeous family (and not just because I get to go for a spin on golf buggies!), always a pleasure to “work” with, the kids are old pro’s at it, and i mean LOOK at them… i’m pretty sure Courtney is getting even more gorgeous as she gets older!

Thanks you guys, epic as always. Thumbs up Tommy-boy! x