THE FABULOUS DRAFFENS - warrnambool family lifestyle photography

There's so much I want to say about these guys and this session. In short: this is one of my favourite families and this is one of my ABSOLUTE favourite sessions. Simple as that. The beautiful Draffen's have been with me from my humble beginnings and have been the most wonderful, wonderful regulars. And what makes that even more special to me is that mum Kate takes the most AMAZING photos herself. Her instagram feed is a beautiful documentation of her kids' life, one which I love to follow and one which they'll love her for when they're older. So i'm beyond flattered that they keep coming back. It was my aim during this session to make sure KATE was in front of the camera for once, so I did focus a lot on this gorgeous mumma, which I think is only fair.

I won't lie, I got in the car after our session last night, hands frozen in the shape of my camera thinking "oh heck, i hope I got something special for them, that was hectic (they have 4 kids, hello?!)". But then I couldn't wipe the massive beaming smile off my face as i looked through them at home later that night, and then I couldn't edit them quickly enough to show Kate tonight.

We embraced the beautiful chaos that a family of 6 brings with it, I over-shot like a champion and we rolled with the crazy, FREEZING wind and hiccups... and as a result I have a collection of photos that I am SO damn proud of and am busting to show off. Sure I have heaps of your more traditional "smile and wave kids" portrait-style photos still to add, you have to have them in there of course, but THESE ones, these are the ones that make my heart utterly sing. All the feels (sorry I hate that expression but there it is!), the imperfection (yes more than a little blur) and ALL THAT LOVE. I opened their gallery tonight to find just ONE shot to share, and I came out with over 100 "favourited" images, so I decided to do things a little differently and share my absolute faves in a little blog post. I'm sure i'll find more when I have a proper look!

I can't thank you enough Kate, truly, for bringing your beautiful family to me time and time again. I absolutely love this gallery, and hope you do too! Until next time (!!) lovely xx

PS... how BEAUTIFUL is Kate?! And i think we have a budding photographer in Mr Caleb, he was loving my fuji!