RAYNERS AT HOME - in-home lifestyle photography Geelong

When one of your favourite, most gorgeous families asks for a session in their BEAUTIFUL home, it's a no-brainer... BEST BRIEF EVER!! I know I harp on about these in-home sessions, but they are just absolutely my favourite thing. If you're still on the fence, please scroll down and have a squiz at the Rayners session and tell me I haven't converted you. Admittedly they do have a sensational house, BUT you don't NEED one to make beautiful memories at home with your family. All we need is a few gorgeous pockets of light, a big bed and i'll do the rest.

Oh did I mention that this lovely lady right here is a VERY talented photographer herself? Chantal has just started up her own photog business (hooray!!) and I am so very proud of her and thrilled to be asked to capture the beautiful Rayner family yet again. And they ARE as lovely and fun as they look too. WINNING!!

And you won't believe how much i've whittled down my faves for this post... this is just a fraction of the session, eek!