THE AWESOME AULDS - warrnambool family photography

I've gushed in the past about how much I love this family right here. Suz is truly one of the most thoughtful, kind, caring women and mummas i've ever had the pleasure of befriending. Nothing is too hard or too much trouble (although, clearly she has heaps of time on her hands, being the mum of 3 small boys, ha!). And don't even get me started on that million-kilowatt smile. BEAUTIFUL woman (embarrassed yet Suz??)

We got together at her mums AMAZING house for a quick sesh this crazy windy morning, and even though one little champ would much rather have been on his way to Kmart and buy his lego (no, not Matt this time), we still got some cracking, loved up, happy shots. 

Hope this reassures you Suz, it wasn't a complete disaster (haha!), actually anything but! I loved hanging out with you guys once again. You're one very lucky lady to be surrounded by boys who adore you (and at times fight over you, "MY mummy!"). 

Hope you had a fun afternoon building that lego guys!