REX AT HOME - warrnambool newborn lifestyle photography

I initially really struggled with the idea of sending my kids off to school/kinder (bear with me, this is leading somewhere relevant i promise). I clearly remember the first time Archie came home from kinder singing a song that I hadn't taught him. Until then, their dad and I (and those around us) had been pretty much solely responsible for their learning + it took a bit of letting go on my part to hand them over to be taught by others. I needn't have worried though, of course. We've been incredibly fortunate that our kids have had SUCH wonderful teachers (yay!). Including this beautiful lady here, who's taught both our kids for almost three years.

I'll admit, when I found out Ange was pregnant, a tiny, selfish part of me was gutted that she'd be leaving us (we all, especially our kids, LOVE her). But that was immediately outweighed, of course, by the excitement that she and hubby Joe would soon enjoy the incredible journey of becoming parents. 

And as expected, they're naturals. Ange is a besotted, loving, beautiful mum who's slipped effortlessly into the role (I'm sure you'll have days where you don't feel like that Ange, but that's what it looks like from where i'm sitting!)

We simply couldn't be happier for you Ange + Joe, with the addition of gorgeous Rex Joseph to your little family. And he's every bit as beautiful as we knew he would be. And so diddy! With the best little expressions! Well done, you clever pair!

Here are just a few of my faves from my visit to meet darling little Rex at home...

(PS... shoutout to all you amazing teachers out there, i honestly don't know how you do it!)