Amber, Mick + Theo : outdoor family session

Lookout, my first ever sesh post!! Drumroll...
So this gorgeous shoot is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging. Don't get me wrong, Facebook has served me well over the years, but sneak peeking one or two shots per session just isn't cutting it any more. I want to give any (who are interested) a better picture of what a KNELLY session can look like.
I had the pleasure of meeting this trio a year or so back and LOVED our sesh so much. When Mick bought Amber a voucher last xmas for another session, I was beyond excited (and so was she, thankfully!). I knew they'd rock it yet again (tick) and I knew i'd want to share every single photo (tick)... so here it is, well not quite every single photo, but a fair few of my faves. Thanks guys, not only are you ridiculously photogenic + uber-funky, but you're a lovely, lovely trio to boot. Can't wait til the next time! x