MILLER FAMILY - warrnambool family beach session

I had a lightbulb moment this weekend. Whilst packaging up this gorgeous session I realised THESE are the sessions I love the most. Hanging out and capturing gorgeous families. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE squishy, delicious newborn sessions (what's not to love?!), but FAMILY sessions, either outdoors or in clients homes are what, I think i've just realised, i'm most passionate about. Possibly because it's also the passion of MY life. MY family. The thing that brings me most joy, my purpose in life, is to raise and enjoy my family. And to have those moments captured; that to me is SO important, and SO precious. To be able to do that for other families. THAT makes me truly happy also.

Another thing i'm passionate about is making our sessions FUN, memorable, and something you instantly want to do again (yes, even DAD!). Every time we have our own family photos done I feel so elated, so grateful for my beautiful tribe... the buzz is almost addictive! THAT is the feeling I endeavour to leave all of my clients with. Like they can't wait to do it all again.

So here's the gorgeous Miller family. I can hardly call this a "JOB" when I get to hang out and have fun with such lovely, beautiful families. And yes, i say it all the time, but this will most certainly be added to the "faves" library. Thanks Brad and Kate, you're delightful kids are a credit to you, I LOVED seeing you guys again and exploring our gorgeous seaside (and thankfully no one fell in!)

I'd LOVE to capture yours. Drop me a line anytime!