CASTLEY FAMILY - port fairy lifestyle at-home newborn session

I'll be honest. My experience with the beautiful Castley family didn't start out as one of my finest moments. I forgot to turn up to our session. Well no, not exactly, but I did book it on the wrong date, which meant they were sitting around waiting for me one lovely Saturday morning, meanwhile i'm an hour away watching my kids play soccer. Good work Knelly. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely mortified & sick to the stomach I felt (first time i've ever done it!) and incredibly determined to make amends and give the Castely's my BEST ever work. So I arrived a week later, nervous as all heck, determined to rock it (and apologise profusely!). The door opens, HOUSE HEAVEN. FAMILY bliss. Before me stood the most gorgeous couple and their beautiful baby, every photographers dream house and even the best behaved dog you've ever seen! GOLD!! The rest is history. This is now one of my favourite sessions ever. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting families in their own homes. Especially when they're as forgiving and gracious as Fiona and James. Enjoy your beautiful baby Lucas (and of course big fur-brother Alfie!) x