VERSPAY FAMILY - warrnambool outdoor family session

I have a few things in common with this beautiful family. Our kids are all around the same ages (our big kids were at kinder together and our babies are not too far apart) and we all have close family ties to the UK. I was absolutely thrilled when gorgeous Angela contacted me about getting some family photos. Not only are they a delightfully beautiful family, but she requested stingray bay at sunset. Could I get a more perfect scenario?

I'm SO excited to be sharing this session (or a tiny snippet of it at least). With these crazy stormy days we've been having here, it makes me excited for the long summer nights at the beach to come. I can't recommend SUNSET sessions more, I mean LOOK at the colours (and stick with me, the sunset gets even more pretty as you scroll down!).

Thanks so much Ange, Rich and your GORGEOUS, lovely, super-cooperative kids. This will definitely go down as one of my all-time faves. And how awesome is that last location? A Warrnambool icon that i've never thought to use before (I WILL NOW!)... Thanks for that idea Rich, we squeezed every last minute of daylight out of this gorgeous session! x